Tamilnadu Overview


 Famous as the temple state of India. Tamilnadu has actually innumerous temples dedicated to various dieties. The architecture on these temples are the best examples of the reigning kings who have left  their own impeccable mark on the architecture. 

Other than the temples, the state has been showered upon with beautiful nature. A huge coastline with unexplored beaches and as many as 10 wild life parks add to the beauty of the state of temples.

The Mammallapuram shore temple and beach:

One of the most fascinating structures still standing is this UNESCO world heritage site of the Mammallpuram, now also known as the Mahabalipuram temple and beach.The monuments are mostly rock-cut and monolithic, and early examples of the Dravidian Architecture. They are constituted by cave temples, monolithicrathas (chariots), sculpted reliefs and structural temples. The pillars are of the Dravidian order. The sculptures are excellent examples of Pallava art.

 Mahbalipuram also has another UNESCO world heritage site of the Shore temple. This is one of the oldest rock cut temples of south India.

 The Musical pillars of the Meenakshi temple:

 The famous Meenakshi temple of Madurai is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati in the form of Meenakshi. There is a festival called the Meenakshi Kalyanam which is held here every year to celebrate the grand wedding day of the pricess of the Madurai king and Lord Shiva.

The temple has a huge hall called the thousand pillar hall and nearby are the musical pillars. The pillars give a musical note when struck and actually musical notes can be played by striking them one by one. 

Crocodile Bank:

One of its kind, this park has innumerous crocodiles and alligators from India as well as south Africa those are bred in captivity. This is also one of the best centres for herpetology.

The Kanjivaram Sarees:

The Silk sarees of Kanchipuram are famous all over the world. The history of the silk is more than 400 years old. The silk is the best and the colours are most vibrant.


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