General Information:

Area: 130,000 sq. km.

Language: Tamil, English.

Best Time to Visit: October to February.

Capital City: Chennai.

Airports: Chennai & Madurai


Located on the South - Eastern side of India, the state of Tamilnadu is bounded in the North by Andhra Pradesh and by Karnataka in the North West. On the West the boundaries are shared with the state of Kerala, and the waters of the Bay of Bengal splashes and laps the shores in the East, while the three Seas; the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean wash the feet of the state in the South.


Tamil Nadu experiences a typical tropical climate which hardly fluctuates. Other than the places near the Nilgiri hills, the plains of the state are perpetually humid and sweltering hot. But the sea shores become pleasantly cool in the evenings.

About Tamil Nadu:
This southern state of the Indian subcontinent is the place of the Tamils and hence the name Tamilnadu, where the Tamils dwell. One of the most ancient regions in Indian history dating back to some 6000 years, Tamilnadu is the nucleus of Dravidian culture in India.
The culture and the history of Dravidian surpasses even those of the Aryans. The Tamils have an ancient history. Ruled by Cholas and the Pallavas the temple state reached its zenith in temple architecture during this time. Under the Pallava, Chola & Pandya kings art, architecture & literature flourished and reached great heights. Tamil language too has a history which can be traced back to 500 B.C. to the age of the Tolkapiyam, the Tamil text Grammar. Many ancient Chinese texts have proved the trade links between this part of India for silk and spices. The temples which stand today show the glorious past that the state has experienced.
With the establishment of East India Company a new chapter opened. Post independence the province was still called Madras province and a large area of Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh were included in this province. It was in 1959 that the current state of Tamilnadu was formed. The capital city Madras was renamed Chennai in 1996. Though, Chennai, one of the four major metropolises of India is the capital of Tamilnadu, the state till dates has the ancient charm and innocence. It lacks the fast life of the other major cities of India, although the winds of modernization have not left it untouched.
People especially ladies dressed in vibrant coloured silk sarees with laces of flowers in their hair is a regular site in the state. Tourists are attracted to Tamilnadu not only for its temples and architecture but also the delicious snack meals of Idli, vadai and Dosa, to be had with the ever fresh smelling filter coffee. The Tamil people besides being proud of their culture and tradition also thrive to keep it intact. Nearly every household has at least one person taking or giving lessons in the most beautiful art of Bharat Natyam or music. Tourists come to Tamilnadu for exhilarating beauty of sunset and sunrise at Kanyakumari; to enjoy the green waters splashing the white sands on the palm swaying beaches; to appreciate the Bharat Natyam dance performances which once originated as a worship to the Lord; to taste the cuisine and sip the coffee; to enjoy the wildlife of the jungles; to buy the beautiful silk sarees and wooden carvings …the list is endless. Tamilnadu gives a glimpse of the true ancient Indian culture, rarely found anywhere else.
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